Culture Leadership Group
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The Culture Leadership Group was founded by CEO Joanna Barclay, published author and global keynote speaker with three decades of industry experience. CLG inspires conscious leadership to build sustainable values-driven organizations. We do this through keynotes talks, workshops, cultural transformation, and leadership development programs.

To create conscious organizations, taking care of the well-being of people, profits, and the planet.

To inspire leadership potential in building sustainable, values-driven organizations.

Collaboration, Making a Difference, Compassion

Our passion lies in igniting sustainable values-driven organizations, inspiring visions, facilitating active participation for organizational change, aligning strategic objectives, and developing resourceful conscious teams and leaders. Our goal is to help organizations achieve their full integral potential.

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

Our unique approach to cultural transformation delivers value well beyond the bottom line. That’s because we use collaboration to strengthen employee engagement, where people build commitment, take ownership and bridge communication gaps, increasing your speed of implementing change.